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Mr. Fahrettin Kandemir - President of Turkish Ice Skating Federation – Curling Asc. Mr. Abdurrahman Koral - General Secretary Mr. Murat Akın - Chair of LOC ... Read More

About the Venue

The venue - the Milli Piyango Curling Arena - in located in the outskirts of Erzurum in the city's Mecidiye District. It is Turkey's first dedicated curling facility and was opened in September 2010. It has a cap... Read More

Past World Mixed Doubles Curling Champions

The 2012 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship will be fifth event of its kind. Inaugurated in Vierumaki, Finland in 2008, the second world championship was held in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy in 2009. In 2010, the... Read More

What is Mixed Doubles Curling?

Instead of playing in teams of four, mixed doubles curling is for teams of two players – one male and one female (no alternate/spare player is allowed). - The game is played on the same sheets of ice as “tra... Read More

The Turkish Curling Association

According to the Constitution & Rules of the General Directorate of Youth & Sport, curling falls under the umbrella of the Turkish Ice Skating Federation. In 2009, the Federation joined the World Curling Federation with... Read More

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