Transport and Travel Information

The WMDCC 2012 LOC will provide ground transport, free of charge, for WCF personnel, national officials, event officials, competing teams, media and event sponsors.

'Ground Transport' refers to transportation between Erzurum Airport and the official hotel in Palandöken and between the hotel and the venue.

Travel time between Erzurum Airport and official hotel is approximately 20-25 minutes by bus.

A team shall consist of a maximum of 3 people. Any additional team personel will be required to pay for transportation.

Teams will be met at the Erzurum Airport (ERZ) by the LOC .

Erzurum Airport is located 11 km from the city centre and approx. 18 km from the official Hotel. Shuttle buses will meet the teams.

Teams are requested to send their Team Accommodation form, including their travel details, as soon as possible in order to let the LOC organize the pick up and drop off schedule.

LOC will organize shuttle buses between the hotel and the Milli Piyango Curling Rink.

Shuttle bus schedules and further information shall be posted on information boards in the hotel lobby and at the venue.

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