World Mixed Doubles Championship 2012 Day 2

Team Canada Photo: WCF / Volkan Atar

After the first full day of play at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2012 in Erzurum, Turkey, Canada and China remain unbeaten in the red group. Estonia and Switzerland top the standings of the blue group and Scotland leads the yellow group.

Canada won both of their games on Tuesday beating Austria 8-2, then France 7-3. China only had one game and beat Turkey 9-2. Norway also won their game against the hosts Turkey 8-3 in the morning. Latvia had a mixed day losing to Slovakia in the morning and picking up a win against Norway in the early evening session.

France took 5 points in the second end of their game against Finland and then stole a further 2 in the third end to be 7-2 up. But Finland got back into the game and it went into an extra end where France, with hammer, had a take out for one point and a 10-9 win.

Finland had their first win of the event against Slovakia in the evening session. Austria has yet to pick up a win.

France’s Tony Angiboust (in English) on their game against Finland: “we had a good start to the game and they came back in the second part of the game very good. We made some mistakes with our delivery and speed, some huge, huge mistakes. So we are happy we managed to win at the extra end. It was a crazy game!”

Austria’s Claudia Toth (in English) on the turning point in their game against Canada: “we really wanted to ride the sixth end. We wanted to put one in the twelve foot and it came in a little bit too deep and left him [Canada’s Dean Hicke] the angle for a triple and he made it! so they were lying three and they played a really nice guard that didn’t really leave me a shot, but I tried it, and missed it and they stole four!”

Red Group Standings
1. Canada 3-0
2. China 2-0
3. Latvia 2-1
4. Norway 1-1
5. Finland 1-2
5. France 1-2
5. Slovakia 1-2
5. Turkey 1-2
9. Austria 0-2

Scotland is on top of the yellow group after beating Romania 7-4 and then also winning 8-7 against Sweden. It was a tight game led by the Scots all the way through, but Sweden caught up after taking four points in the seventh end and stealing in the last, which forced the game to an extra end.

Denmark played only one game on Tuesday and are also undefeated, after seeing off Hungary with the score 8-4.

Three teams are on one win and one loss. Hungary came back after their loss against Denmark and beat Korea 7-2 in seven ends. The Koreans did not have a chance at all in the game that was very well played by Ildiko Szekeres and Gyorgy Nagy. Earlier, Korea did beat Italy after taking four points in the third end and then stealing a further four in the fourth. This leaves Korea on one win and one loss as well. The same goes for Sweden, who won their first game against Spain with the score 8-5. The Swedes are pretty happy with their play but say they need to work on their releases to adapt to the ice conditions.

Italy came back after their loss to Korea and managed to beat Romania 10-5. Finally, Spain got their first win of the event against Australia 8-4 which leaves the Australians and Romania at the bottom of the group still hoping for their first win.

Scotland’s Judith McFarlane after their win against Sweden: “it’s really difficult in mixed doubles to play defensively, that’s one of the beauties of the game, you are never ever out of the game. We just missed a couple of shots and all of a sudden we were in trouble.”

Spain’s Irantzu Garcia, who is playing her fourth World Mixed Doubles Championship: “I think the level is getting higher and it’s really hard to win. You can be up 7-1, like what has just happened to Scotland - and Sweden then came up with a 4.”

Yellow Group Standings
1. Scotland 2-0
2. Italy 2-1
3. Denmark 1-0
4. Hungary 1-1
4. Korea 1-1
4. Sweden 1-1
7. Spain 1-2
8. Australia 0-1
9. Romania 0-2

Estonia won their opening two games of the event - 8-7 in an extra end against Germany and 13-1 against Ireland. Switzerland began the day with a 7-5 win over New Zealand and overwhelmed Japan stealing a total of seven points to win 9-1. The Czech Republic had just one game on Tuesday beating England 10-5.

The American duo of Brady and Cristin Clark managed to turn their game around against New Zealand to eventually win 6-4. In the first half of the game, the New Zealand pair of John Campbell and his daughter Natalie had the Americans on the run – stealing single points in the first three ends.

Germany produced a 9-6 win against England and Ireland’s David Smith and Yvonne Chalmers stole three points in the first end of their game against Japan, but then Kenji and Michiko Tomabechi took advantage of their opponent’s mistakes to steal their way to an 8-3 win.

Switzerland’s Martin Rios on the facility in Erzurum: “The curling facility here is great – I would like to have one in my hometown like this! It’s my first mixed doubles event, so it’s new for me so I still have to learn the ins and outs of this game.” And on their game against Japan: “We played better draws than Japan, they either missed the line or they missed the weight.”

Brady Clark, USA on their win against New Zealand “Any time you start a new championship you want to come out there and win that first game. It’s a heck of a battle.”
On the first half of the game where the were trailing “I won’t throw my team mate under the bus!” added Brady, “I need to get my draw-weight [sorted] it’s beautiful ice so there’s no excuses. It’s really fast so I just have to get used to it”

Blue Group Standings
1. Estonia 2-0
1. Switzerland 2-0
3. Czech Republic 1-0
3. USA 1-0
5. Germany 1-1
5. Japan 1-1
7. England 0-2
7. Ireland 0-2
7. New Zealand 0-2

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