World Mixed Doubles Championship 2012 Day 3

Scotland-Italy Photo: WCF / Volkan Atar

Canada, China, Denmark, Switzerland and USA continued their winning ways on Wednesday at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in Turkey to remain unbeaten in the event.

In the red group Canada picked up a further two wins against Slovakia 9-3 and hosts Turkey 8-3. China won their sole game of the day 9-3 against France. Yansong Ji and Sijia Liu who say they have more fun played Mixed Doubles than traditional curling because of the technical skill involved took advantage of the several mistakes made by the French duo Tony Angiboust and Delphine Charlet.

It was the second defeat of the day for France as they went down 7-5 to Turkey in the morning.

Austria Christian Roth and Claudia Toth managed to turn their fortune around after having been at the bottom of the group on Tuesday winning 11-4 against Norway and 10-4 against Latvia.

Turkey’s IIhan Osmanagaoglu after winning their game against France (in Turkish): “Yesterday was not a good day for us. [Turkey lost both their games] Today things were better, and in that game we were lucky. We are patient and are taking each game one at a time.”

Canada’s Chanetelle Eberle speaking after their game against Turkey: “I think they play well for only having curled for a few years. I don’t know what the coaching is like here, but in two years that’s pretty good. We’ve been curling for some 20 years!”

Finland’s Jussi Uusipaavalniemi speaking in English on the level of competition since he took the silver medal at the inaugural Mixed Doubles World Championship in Vierumäki Finland in 2008: “The teams are tougher than they were at that time. I consider Canada, China to be semi-pro players. Today, more active and very good players are no getting involved in the game.”

Red Group Standings
1. Canada 5-0
2. China 3-0
3. Austria 2-2
3. Finland 2-2
3. Latvia 2-2
6. Turkey 2-3
7. Norway 1-3
7. Slovakia 1-3
9. France 1-4

In the yellow group, Denmark stands alone undefeated. In the morning Oliver Dupont and Mette de Neergaard beat Sweden by 11-4 and went on to pick up a win against Scotland in the evening.

Scotland did lead the game to begin with. Then, after a missed shot by Lee McCleary in the fifth end, the Danish pair managed to pick up a steal of three points. This turned out to be the key to the game as Denmark kept applying pressure and ended up winning the game 8-7.

Scotland drops to one loss but are still very much in the mix when it comes to making the playoffs. They beat Italy in the afternoon session after thinking hard about the tactics. McCleary and teammate Judith McFarlane were discussing how important it is to remember to peel off the guards. It is easy to forget because of the offensiveness that is in mixed double but crucial to be effective on the ice. Italy is now trailing Scotland by one loss.

Hungary is the other team chasing the two playoff spots for each group. Ildiko Szekeres and Gyorgy Nagy have only lost one game so far. On Wednesday, the Hungarians managed to pick up two easy wins. They saw off Spain after stealing three points and then a futher four. Later, they also beat Romania 6-3.

The Korean team has produced a less steady performance. Jong Chul Beak and Kyung-Mi Park seem to be riding a bit of a rollercoaster in Erzurum. They looked very strong after beating Australia with huge 12-2 score. But then, they then ended up losing to Spain 11-7.
Finally, Italy ended up beating Australia in an extra end 7-6. This leaves Australia and Romania still looking for their first wins.

Oliver Dupont on how they got back into their game against Scotland after being 4-2 down at the break: “we just had to play more offensive – more stones in play. We had struggled with the weight – so we were horrible in the first four ends!” Teammate Mette de Neergaard added: “we just talked about playing one metre short, then we could make it in.”

Italy’s Simone Gonin (in Italian) after winning their game 7-6 in an extra end against Australia: “we had the game in hand in the first half, but then we lost our concentration and they got back into the game. But we really wanted to win. I can’t say what our expectations were coming into this event, we have a tough group. We’ve already won three games and we hope to win more!”

Yellow Group Standings
1. Denmark 3-0
2. Hungary 3-1
2. Scotland 3-1
4. Italy 3-2
5. Korea 2-2
6. Spain 2-3
7. Sweden 1-2
8. Australia 0-3
8. Romania 0-3

The Swiss team of Martin Rios and Nadine Lehmann are at the top of the blue group with wins against Czech Republic and Estonia on Wednesday. Switzerland and Estonia were both undefeated prior to their game, but now it is only USA that can match the Swiss record having played one game less.

Czech Republic - Switzerland was a very close game, the Swiss wound up winning the game 9-6 after scoring three points in the seventh end. Lukas Klima from the Czech team admitted they played a very bad seventh end, but it had been close up until then. Klima and teammate Petra Vinsova went on to lose 2-11 to Japan.

The American duo of Brady and Cristin Clark had a close battle against Germany, but after stealing two points in the sixth end they had enough tricks up their sleeves to see off the Germans 7-4. In their game against Japan they took four points in the third end and went on to win 9-5.

In their third game of the championship, New Zealand picked up their first win against Germany with a score of 7-4, but later lost to England 4-11. England scored a massive four in both the third and fifth ends to secure their win. England had a very good day winning their first game of the event over Ireland 8-4.

Switzerland’s Nadine Lehmann explains what she thinks about mixed doubles. Switzerland does not have a national mixed doubles championship and the Swiss mixed doubles team is selected for the World Championships: “It’s great to play with Martin, but it’s the first time I play with him. It’s been difficult to get into our games. You have to think about the tactics of this game, you only have six stones and only five to throw. It’s interesting to think differently and change your tactics. It’s really good and fun.”

USA’s Cristin Clark on Mixed Doubles: “I like playing regular mixed curling too, but I love mixed doubles. It’s a different style of curling – you get right into the action, right away. There’s no sweepers. You have to throw your shots naturally without relying on any sweepers and their correction factor!”

Japan’s Kenji and Michiko Tomabechi, who arfe married, on what it is like to play competitive curling with a spouse:
Kenji: “when we lose a game I don’t bring it home, instead I think about the next game and what we should do.”
Michiko: “I do bring it home!”

Blue Group Standings
1. Switzerland 4-0
2. USA 3-0
3. Estonia 2-1
4. England 2-2
4. Japan 2-2
6. Czech Republic 1-2
7. Germany 1-3
7. New Zealand 1-3
9. Ireland 0-3

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