World Mixed Doubles Championship 2012 Day 6

Denmark Photo: WCF/Volkan Atar

Switzerland, USA, Canada, China, Scotland, Sweden, Austria and Estonia are through to the quarterfinals of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2012 in Erzurum, Turkey.

The final quarterfinal spot went to the winner of Saturday evening’s qualification game - Estonia who beat Denmark 8-7. Earlier Denmark had got through to the game by winning a tiebreaker against Italy 9-8.

Upcoming games:

Sunday 29 April
08:00 Quarterfinals:*
Game 1: Switzerland v Estonia
Game 2: Scotland v Austria
Game 3: Canada v Sweden (Live on event website & WCF YouTube Channel
Game 4: China v USA

12:00 Semifinals: (one game Live on event website & WCF YouTube Channel
Winners Game 1 & 4
Winners Game 2 & 3

16:00 Gold and Bronze Medal games. (Gold medal game Live on event website & WCF YouTube Channel

The final two rounds of round robin group play at Erzurum Curling Arena on Saturday morning were full of suspense.

Sweden and Scotland won their final yellow group stage games to guarantee a place in the quarterfinals. The Scottish duo, Judith McFarlane and Lee McCleary, having beaten the Swedish pair - Per Noreen and Camilla Johansson - during the week finish top of the group.

Denmark and Italy, who both finish on a record of 5 wins and 3 losses, must play a tie-breaker to determine which team will finish in the 3rd place position in the group and have a chance of making the quarterfinals.

The top two teams in each group qualify for the quarterfinals and the best ‘3rd place’ team based on their Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) result (Austria). The other two ‘third place’ teams face a qualification game to decide the final quarterfinal place. This qualification game is scheduled for Saturday evening at 18:30 local time.

Yellow Group Standings
1. Scotland 6-2 (Qualified for Quarterfinals)
2. Sweden 6-2 (Qualified for Quarterfinals)
3. Denmark 5-3 (play tiebreaker at 15:00 local on Saturday)
3. Italy 5-3 (play tiebreaker at 15:00 local on Saturday)
5. Hungary 4-4
6. Spain 3-5
7. Korea 3-5
8. Australia 3-5
9. Romania 1-7

In the red group, Canada’s Dean Hicke and Chanetelle Eberle won their last game 8-5 against Latvia to go through to the quarterfinals at 08:00 local time on Sunday morning on an unbeaten record. China won their game against Slovakia 6-4 to finish in second position in the group. Yansong Ji and Sijia Liu also secure a quarterfinal spot having only lost to Canada during the group stage of the event. Austria, with the best draw shot challenge result of the third places teams also qualifies directly for the quarterfinals.

Hosts Turkey, competing in their first ever World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, finish in 7th position in the group having picked up wins over Slovakia and France during the week.

Red Group Standings
1. Canada 8-0 (Qualified for Quarterfinals)
2. China 7-1 (Qualified for Quarterfinals)
3. Austria 5-3 (Qualified for Quarterfinals)
4. Latvia 4-4
5. Finland 4-4
6. Slovakia 3-5
7. Turkey 2-6
8. France 2-6
9. Norway 1-7

Going into the final session of play for the blue group, only Switzerland had completed all their games and were already through to Sunday’s quarterfinals unbeaten. USA on six wins and one loss, before the last round, had also secured a quarterfinal place with Estonia, Japan, Czech Republic and New Zealand – all in with a chance of being tied up for the final 3rd place spot.

Estonia won their final group game against England 9-4 stealing three points in the first end and taking four points in the third to shore up their win. Martin and Kristiine Lill put an end to New Zealand’s campaign despite the fact they won their final game against Ireland 9-1. It was the same situation for the Czechs, who won their game against the USA 7-4.

The game between Japan and Germany went right down to the last stone of the eighth end. Manuel Walter and teammate Ann Kathrin Bastian were up 6-2 by the half time break. But Kenji and Michiko Tomabechi picked up four points in the fifth end to tie the game up and make a tense final couple of ends. Bastian had a high pressure draw for an 8-7 win and ended Japan’s hopes of a final stage qualification.

Blue Group Standings
1. Switzerland 8-0 (Qualified for Quarterfinals)
2. USA 6-2 (Qualified for Quarterfinals)
3. Estonia 5-3 (will play winner of tiebreaker DEN-ITA for final quarterfinal spot)
4. New Zealand 4-4
5. Japan 4-4
6. Czech Republic 4-4
7. Germany 3-5
8. England 2-6
9. Ireland 0-8

News, live & line scores, image galleries and video highlights are available on the event website:

The 2013 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship will be staged in the new Grant-Harvey Centre in Frederiction, New Brunswick, Canada from 13-20 April.

*Quarterfinal Games:
(Game 1) 1st best DSC** of the 1st ranked teams v winner qualification game
(Game 2) 2nd best DSC of the 1st ranked teams v 1st best DSC of the 3rd ranked teams
(Game 3) 3rd best DSC of the 1st ranked teams v 3rd best DSC of the 2nd ranked teams
(Game 4) 1st best DSC of the 2nd ranked teams v 2nd best DSC of the 2nd ranked teams
**All Draw Shot Challenge results are available for download here:

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