World Mixed Doubles Championship 2012 Day 7 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinal: SCO-AUT Photo: WCF Volkan Atar

Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and USA are through to the semifinals of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2012 in Erzurum, Turkey, after winning their quarterfinal games on Sunday morning.

Austria will play Sweden and Switzerland faces USA in the next round which beings at 12:00 local time.

Top ranked Switzerland (Martin Rios and Nadine Lehmann) at the end of the group stage faced winners of Saturday night’s quarterfinal qualification game Estonia (Martin and Kristiine Lill). The Estonian pair struggled to build up their shots to get enough points on the board and eventually conceded after just six ends on a steal of three points for the Swiss pair. Final score 10-2.

“In important places, I missed the key shots,” said Estonia’s Kristiine Lill who threw first and last stones thoughout the game. “It was not a good morning.”

Switzerland’s Nadine Lehmann: “we didn’t expect that it would end 10-2. But we are happy that we only had six ends to play.”

The USA team of Cristin and Brady Clark had China on the run from the second end when they took three points. They stole a total of four points over the next three ends as China’s Sijia Liu who was playing first and last stones missed all her last shots. China changed their playing order in the seventh end to have Yansong Ji play first and last stones and took a single point and conceded on a score of 8-2.

“I think China normally makes more shots,” said Brady Clark afterwards. “I think we took advantage when we had opportunities and that’s a big part of this game. When you have an opportunity, you really stick it to the other team and position your rocks really well and make their shots really difficult. That’s what we did and they faced a lot of really tough shots.”

China’s Yansong Ji and Sijia Liu speaking through an interpreter said they accepted the final result and explained that they didn’t have a feel for the game today.

By the fourth end break, Sweden was 5-0 up on the Canada. Dean Hicke and Chantelle Eberle missed key shots and put their one and only point of the game on the scoreboard in the fifth end. They could have had two, but an attempted hit and stick rolled out. Per Noreen and Camilla Johansson on the other hand made virtually every shot and by the end of the seventh end they were 10-1 up and Canada conceded.

Sweden’s Camilla Johansson: “we expected a really tough game, but they had to struggle the whole time, finding the right ice and the right speed, it went much easier than we expected.” Per Noreen: “we do the best match of the whole week, it was very good play from the first to the last stone.”

Canada’s Dean Hicke: “They played good, better than good, they played great. We just didn’t. The ice was a bit straighter on us. We just had an awful time following them in behind the centre guard. It just seemed to be end after end and perfect shots by them and not so good shots by us and that makes for a big score. I sum up the game by me making a half rock, 15 foot, in-off and picking our own rock off the back of the button in the seventh end! That pretty much sums it up.”
Chantelle Eberle: “they just made everything and we just missed everything.

The game between Austria and Scotland also turned out to be a bit of a landslide. Claudia Toth and Christian Roth stole their way into the game and were 6-2 up by the fourth end break. The Austrian pair managed to get a lot of stones in play and Scotland’s Judith McFarlane and Lee McCleary were playing catch up throughout the whole game and shook hands when Austria took four points in the seventh end with the score at 11-4.

Austria’s Claudia Toth: “We’ve never played mixed doubles and Austria is not a really big curling country. The quarterfinals were our goal. Being in a group with Canada and China we weren’t very optimistic. We just managed to have our best games towards the end and we started bad and always improved ourselves. Today, it was mostly our draw weight. We always managed to be in front of the tee[line], to have them try things and hit things. We always dominated the front house. I think that was the biggest difference.”

Judith “we just didn’t really play well enough today. Austria played really, really, well. They had their weights early on in the game and always made us try to play the big shots. Sometimes it came off, sometimes it didn’t. They were just better on the day.”

Sunday 29 April
12:00 Semifinals:
Switzerland v USA (Live on event website & WCF YouTube Channel
Sweden v Austria

16:00 Gold and Bronze Medal games. (Gold medal game Live on event website & WCF YouTube Channel

News, live & line scores, image galleries and video highlights are available on the event website:

The 2013 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship will be staged in the new Grant-Harvey Centre in Frederiction, New Brunswick, Canada from 13-20 April.

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