World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2011 Final

Switzerland, winners of the WMDCC 2011 Photo: WCF / Leslie Ingram-Brown

Switzerland won gold at the 2011 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in St Paul, USA beating Russia a resounding 11-2 in the final. It is the third Mixed Doubles world championship title for Switzerland in the four year history of the event.

Alina Pätz and Sven Michel went through the championship on an unbeaten record, winning all their games in the round robin group, their quarter-final and semi-final matches.

“It was our best game here in St Paul,” said Alina Pätz after the game which ended after 6 ends. “We played very well and it’s just amazing for us. I think the start was difficult for the Russians because we took five, then they were not very motivated for the second end. But we played very very well.”

On the Russian side, it seems nerves had a lot to play. While Alexey Tselousov has represented Russia at the European Championships seven times, his teammate Alina Kovaleva has only been curling for 3 years. The Russian team, from St Petersburg, take the silver medal.

“The final was bad,” Tselousov said afterwards “the Swiss played so good and we couldn’t do anything. When you play the final you want to win.”

Earlier on, Russia had beaten Sweden 9-7 in the semi-final of the event being staged in the St Paul Curling Club. Switzerland had beaten France 8-3 in the semi. Sweden went on to lose to France in the Bronze medal game 8-6.

“We are absolutely delighted to have got so far. We didn’t expect to get on the podium,” said France’s Pauline Jeanneret who was playing with Amaury Pernette on winning the game. It is the first world championship medal for France since 1993. “As the week progressed we got better, to know each other’s game better and to know the ice conditions and have a better strategy. As the games went by our strategy paid off” added Jeanneret.

“In the last game I felt very old!” explained Anders Kraupp who was playing with his daughter Sabina on Team Sweden after the Bronze game. “In one slide, I fell and had a bad slide. I put too much energy into the semi-final game this morning. We should have played a lot better.”

24 teams took part in the Mixed Doubles World Championship. Their final ranking can be seen here along with complete results and photos from the event

Mixed Doubles Gold
Russia 2, Switzerland 11

Mixed Doubles Bronze
Sweden 6, France 8

Mixed Doubles Semi-finals
Sweden 7, Russia 9.
Switzerland 8, France 3.

About Mixed Doubles Curling:
Instead of playing in teams of four, mixed doubles curling is for teams of two players – one male and one female (no alternate/spare player is allowed).

- The game is played on the same sheets of ice as “traditional” curling.

- Teams have only six stones each (instead of eight) - and one of those stones, from each team, is prepositioned on the centreline before each end of play starts.

- Player one delivers the first and last stones and player two plays the second, third and fourth stones. If they choose to, the two players may swap positions from one end to the next.

- Sweeping can be done by both team members.

- Each team receives 46 minutes of playing time and games are fixed at 8 ends – compared to 73 minutes and 10 ends for “traditional‟ curling.

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